About Fumi

My name is Fumi Atsumi. I was born and raised in Japan. My hometown is Shizuoka and is full of beautiful nature, a large lake called Hamanako, and it is beside the Pacific Ocean. I grew up on a culture of a large variety of delicious seafood.

My passion for cooking quality dishes comes from my family background.

I have followed the "Sushi Chef Course" in Tokyo Japan, and learned all of the skills and techniques of how to make Edomae style sushi.
In 2016, I received my Sushi School Diploma, and since then I now work for two sushi lounges called "Sushi Fumi" at Vandermaesen both in Zolder and Genk.

As from March 1st 2018, I am also doing external events like Sushi Workshops, Sushi Livecooking and Sushi Catering Events.

To contact me by e-mail, please use Fumi@SushiFumi.be