Chef Fumi

A great sushi chef has a great story. Chef Fumi's personality and knowledge ensure that even non-sushi lovers will talk about sushi for a long time!


Chef Fumi Atsumi was born and raised in Japan. More specifically in Hamamatsu, a coastal town between Osaka and Tokyo. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and the sea, the range of fresh seasonal ingredients was never far away.

Playing in the kitchen of the family restaurant, Fumi came into contact with the rich variety of seasonable fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. The passion for cooking quality dishes was instilled in her at an early age. Sharing her passion for traditional Japanese cuisine now boosts her energy.

Fumi is an expert in her field, as she obtained her Sushi School Diploma at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in 2016. There she learned all the skills and techniques to prepare sushi according to traditional Japanese culture. In 2019, she was even presented with an exclusive certificate in the presence of the Japanese ambassador.

The secret of really good sushi according to Fumi? The quality of the rice: the fresher, the better!